Twenty some odd years ago, I was preparing for a life of marriage and family.  Learning to become the wife I thought I should be. Soaking up all the knowledge being thrown my way.  I was bound and determined that I would do this marriage thing right. I was nineteen years old and had dreamed … Continue reading Silenced

Everything or Nothing

Christianity is free, but it will cost you your entire life. Nobody ever changed the world by living safe. -Banning Liebscher Scroll social media and you’ll see post after post about what people think is wrong with the world today. People pointing fingers and blaming people, things, ideas for all that is wrong with the … Continue reading Everything or Nothing

Hidden Treasure

Matthew and I love to wander through the used bookstore.  There used to be one minutes from our house, but it shut down a few years ago and now the only other location is about thirty minutes away which we visit occasionally.  We can always find some kind of hidden treasure within the shelves whenever … Continue reading Hidden Treasure

All Things Maverick

I think I’ve seen Top Gun: Maverick at least 12 times now. Once in IMAX, Twice in 4DX and the rest on a normal screen. I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll probably see it a few more times before it leaves the theater. It has gotten to the point that now as I watch … Continue reading All Things Maverick


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About Me

Hi, I’m Nicole. For twenty years I was a stay at home mom to my fab five, but in 2015 I went back to school and completed my degree in government and now work for the Judicial Branch in North Carolina. I spend most of my time with my husband and youngest (who is the only one left at home). I love Jesus, my family, movies, cooking and writing! Looking forward to sharing my loves with each of you!