“as far as the east is from the west,
So far has He removed our transgressions from us.”
Psalms 103:12

Praise God that He does not treat us the way in which we deserve or the way in which we treat other people who have wronged us. Instead, He shows us compassion, grace and His abundant love. He treats us in a way that is the example of how we should treat others who have wronged us.

Jesus taught that when we are sinned against, forgiveness is limitless. He paid the ultimate price for our forgiveness by giving His life so we have no grounds for withholding forgiveness from someone else. He says that we must forgive those who sin against us if we want God to forgive us. That is powerful.

Forgiveness can be a difficult thing when we hold on to past hurts too tightly. We become obsessed with the feelings of rejection and deception, and they begin to eat away at our soul causing bitterness. It leads us to a place without joy, and the Holy Spirit is grieved.

Once we realize the importance of forgiveness and its significance in our fellowship with God, we are able to break free from those chains of bondage and experience a more abundant life in Christ.

“Father God, I ask that today you teach me the importance of forgiving as You forgive. I pray that I not hold on to the things that others have used to hurt me so as not to grieve You or shadow the sacrifice Your Son paid for my forgiveness. I thank you for the limitless forgiveness that you offer me daily and for loving me enough to wipe it away and not bring it to mind again. Thank for your abundance of love, grace and mercy. Amen”

Written by Nicole