“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”
1 John 4:18

We’ve talked about fearing God but what about fear itself? When we know God in an intimate way, we do not have to be afraid. Loneliness, the dark, parenthood, an airplane ride and small spaces are all tiny in comparison to the love of such a big God. He promises all through out scripture that He will provide, be our shelter, love us, be our light and our protector so that we do not have to be afraid of our circumstances.

We learn in 1 John 4:18 that when we know the love of God, we have a new heart. A heart that is bold and confident and fearless. When we walk with the Lord we have no reason to fear because He keeps us under His wings protected like that of a mother hen and her chicks. This to me paints a perfect picture of God and His love and protection for us. A mother hen will stand in the rain with her feathered wings covering her baby chicks, protecting them from the elements of the storm. She will take the beating of the storm to make sure that her little ones are safe and warm, making sure that no harm comes to them. This is the exact picture of God with His children. He keeps us protected from the elements of this world. He provides us with what we need, He loves us unconditionally, He is our light in this dark world and He protects us.

This doesn’t mean that trials and harm will never come upon us, but it does mean that because He is all knowing, He knows what will come our way and is there to walk with us and help us through. He never leaves us alone to handle the trials of this world by ourselves. Knowing this, we can have confidence in our duties as wives, mothers and friends. We are not perfect and we will mess up, but God knows every thought in our head, every word spoken from our mouth and every choice we will make. He knows that we will not always do the right thing and so we can find strength in knowing that our children, spouses and friends are protected from our mistakes. Yes, they will suffer the consequences with us but if they are walking with the Lord, He will provide the grace they all need to get through the mistakes we make. Knowing this, we need not fear the things of this world because our God is bigger than any circumstance and He has the ability to repair hearts, bodies and minds.

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