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“I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.”

Philippians 3:8

Before you read any of this posting, I ask that you click on the song at the bottom of the screen in the green box titled “How can I keep from singing your praise” and listen. Just listen to the words and allow them to speak to you and play as you read this post. (don’t forget to turn up your speakers)

I heard an excellent illustration this past week from one of our pastors at church about our walk with the Lord. Our walk with Lord can be measured by how we handle the storms of life. He used the illustration of a hurricane. He said that when a hurricane is coming, people board up their homes, they stock up on food and water, they prepare. When the storm comes, they’re ready and prepared for whatever it may bring. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be devastation and chaos but because they were prepared with what they needed, they are able to weather it just a bit easier. It’s the same with our walk. We can’t expect to get through the hardships of life if we’re not prepared, armed and ready to stand against it. We have to be in an intimate relationship with Christ, walking with Him daily, reading His word and living His word. When we are prepared, we too can stand up to those storms that sweep through our lives.

We were created to fellowship with God. This means that we have to meet Him everyday for a time of fellowship, praise and worship. He created us to walk beside Him so that through the good and bad times, He can rejoice with us and comfort us. Our walk with Him is reflected in how we handle those times of pain and joy. We can’t cope with the pain if we don’t know what truth says about that pain and we can’t experience true joy if we don’t acknowledge who gives it to us. None of this can be accomplished without Him and daily quiet times with Him. It means meeting Him in stillness, humbling ourselves before Him and allowing Him to speak to our hearts. Allowing Him to reveal who He is and what He has planned for us. Sometimes it means falling on our faces before Him in total adoration and awe because of who He is and how awesome He is. It is in those moments alone with Him that intimacy is established and He begins to fill and meet our needs. Once He has become our everything and those storms come our way, we can stand tall with our arms outstretched and Praise Him with all our heart!!!

“It is a joy to Jesus when a person takes time to walk more intimately with Him. The bearing of fruit is always shown in Scripture to be a visible result of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.”

– Oswald Chambers

“O, the fullness, the pleasure, the sheer excitement of knowing God here on earth.”

-Jim Elliott

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Written by Nicole

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