Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton

This question was sent to the blog email address this afternoon. We will post a response at the end of the week.

Nicole & Stephanie – I was wondering if either one of you caught the Compassion Forum at Messiah College last night with H. Clinton and B. Obama? I along with my husband and 4 20-something young adults gathered around the kitchen TV to witness some rather unusual Q & A moments. (by the way McCain didn’t show up). The young adults asked “who are you all voting for” to which I replied “not sure yet”. I was floored by 4 specific questions.

To Clinton – Why do you think God let’s people suffer? to which she replied “I don’t know, but I can’t wait to ask Him.” (safe)

“Do you agree with abortion” to which she answered “I do but rarely.” WHAT!

To Obama – What are your views on scientific evolution? to which he answered “I believe that we have evolved from something.”

Do you believe God created the universe in 6 days? to which he answered “I believe the 6 days may not have been 24 hour days as we know them.”

How do we as Christians decide on who to vote for when both candidates answer questions that leave us questioning our position as voters. I don’t want to start some political debate but wanted to get your biblical view on the subject. This is the first electoral year I am at a stalemate on who to vote for. I’m not asking you to tell me who you are voting for, but just for some biblical guidance.

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