Secret Sin

You have set our iniquities before you,
       our secret sins in the light of your presence.

Psalm 90:8 NIV


You spread out our sins before you—
      our secret sins—and you see them all.

Psalm 90:8 NLT


How many of us have what we think is “secret sin” in our lives? We walk around living a pseudo life. We lead people to believe that we have it all together, quick to point out the flaws of our fellow believer in order to hide our own sin thinking that no one will ever find out.

There is no hiding from God no matter how hard we may try and no way of “getting away” with our sin. Sometimes we think that there is the possibility that we can keep it a secret from the rest of the world but no matter how dark we are able to go into hiding with our sin, God’s light will always pierce the deepest and darkest place in our life making that sin known.

You see, no sin is ever hidden from God. There is the possibility of convincing the world that you are “pure and blameless”, but God knows the truth, He knows your heart and He will call you out on your disobedience. There is no way to keep it covered up forever because in the end, it will be revealed and there will be discipline.

We should be so thankful that God does not punish us according to our sin. If He did, it would surely bring death upon us all because none of us could survive His perfect justice. Praise God that He sent His only Son who gave His life in order for us to stand “blameless” in front of our merciful Heavenly Father. We have no need to fear if we are sincere and repent of the sins we cling to and try to hide in our life.

What sin(s) do you struggle with within your own life? Envy, lust, gambling, profanity, pornography, the abuse of alcohol and drugs, sex outside of marriage, stealing, anger, lack of forgiveness, and the list goes on. We all struggle with areas of sin because not one of us is perfect and blameless without Christ in our life and we all need forgiveness and the strength to stand up against it. Sin can consume us and take us to very dark places that if we are not careful, can take over our lives for years if we choose to hold on to it instead of letting go.

A merciful and loving God is waiting for you to call out to Him. He will forgive us if we seek His forgiveness and He will give us a new life in Him. All we have to do is acknowledge the sin that we have in our life, recognize the need for a savior (Jesus) and call upon His name. Once we take these steps, He will come into our life and change us from the inside out making us into a new creation.

“Father, I thank You for Your forgiveness of the sins in my life and for sending Your Son to take on the punishment of my sin. Make my heart soft, able to recognize the sin that I may still be holding on too so that I may be free from the chains of those dark places in my life.”

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