Waiting and wanting

Waiting on God’s perfect timing can be so incredibly difficult. Sometimes He leads us to the very edge where we think that all hope is lost and there is nothing else we can do. Those moments are truly important in our lives because it is in those moments when we finally let go and surrender it all to Him.

Several weeks ago I woke up unsettled and feeling completely hopeless. I had to be in court within hours and my spirit was restless and confused. A precious friend walked into my room and handed me a gift bag and inside was was a small book titled “Psalms to soothe woman’s heart”. I took that book with me to court and as I waited all morning for my case to be heard, I read this book from cover to cover. As I read, the anxious feelings began to subside and God’s presence began to surround me. That day did not turn out the way that I had hoped it would but when I left, God reminded me that He was in control through this particular passage in the book:

“Judge me and show that I am honest and innocent. You know every heart and mind, and you always do right”

Psalm 7:8-9

It can be truly disheartening when others advance because of the lies they have told about you. That is what happened to David. Those who were jealous of his success accused him of treason. With his life in danger and no way to defend himself, David turned to the only One he could truly count on: God. David was confident that the Lord would defend him and prove his innocence.

Are you powerless to counteract the false charges of others? Are their allegations endangering your future? Do not fear. Just as God defended David, He will protect you as well. Therefore, continue to honor God in every aspect of your life and be patient. His justice is coming and soon everyone will know the truth.

God thank you for seeing my innocence and for defending me. However long it takes, I trust you to bring justice out of this situation. Amen

Taken from Psalms to soothe a woman’s heart

After weeks of waiting and wanting the truth revealed, it finally happened. The verdict was read and I was overcome with emotion. I recognized in that moment that God had not failed me and that His timing was right. I had to learn to fully surrender every aspect of my life to Him. I had to recognize that I had no control over the situation and that He would work it all out for His glory and plan. The battle will still continue but now I can enter with a stronger confidence in knowing that God knows truth and His justice will prevail.

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