Never Give Up

It has been a while since I have seen this video. It was sent to me this morning in an email and as I watched it I was reminded all over again that I have an amazing Daddy who is greater than any trial, fear, hurt, or person in this world. When that moment comes and I feel defeated and weak…

  •  He ALONE makes me strong! 
  • He ALONE will defeat those giants that are trying to crush me! 
  • He ALONE loves me like no one else ever will! 
  • He ALONE will protect and defend me! 
  • He ALONE will have the victory over those who choose to harm in His name!
  • He ALONE will always be there to pick me up and walk with me as I finish the race that He has planned for my life.

Isn’t amazing to know that we have the love of our Father to hold us up when we no longer have the strength to stand.

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