My Christmas Wish

I have always believed in the promise of Christmas and it has always been an incredibly special time of the year for me.  There are times when I find myself caught up in the trappings and expectations of what I think Christmas should be or how it should look or feel.  I expect the music to sound a certain way, the food to be amazing, and for people to actually be nice but how ofter times does Christmas really deliver those promises?

We are all guilty of running around trying to buy the perfect gift, attend the Christmas parties and take part in all the church activities. There can be pressure and friction to as you try and spread yourself out amongst all who want to see you and Christmas can end up feeling commercial, empty, crass and exhausting. 
When I think of Christmas at its best, I experience a glimpse of heaven and the warmth of the promise of hope. Christmas is a promise  Christmas cannot bring us happiness.  Christmas cannot bring peace into our lives.  Christmas cannot make all the wrong in our homes right.  Christmas is just a holiday.
Christmas IS though,  our reminder of the promise that was sent to us by a Heavenly Father who adores us and wants to fill our lives with hope.  Christmas is our reminder that Christ Himself was sent to bring us hope, love and peace.  Deep inside we long for those things and they can be found but can only be found in Him.
We long…
  • Not for Christmas but for Christ
  • Not for merriment but for the Messiah
  • Not for goodwill but for God
  • Not for presents but for HIS presence
We can have these moments every day when we realize that ALL we need is Jesus Christ.  When He is all we want, we can experience His hope, love and peace every day!

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