A bruised reed he will not break, 
   and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, 
till he has brought justice through to victory. 
 21 In his name the nations will put their hope.”

Matthew 12:20

What is a bruised reed? What could be more fragile? Are you a bruised and feeling broken?

Have you been bruised by someone’s harsh words? A friend’s anger? The betrayal of your spouse? Have your own failures left you feeling bruised?

This world has a special place for the bruised and broken, the beaten. If it had its way, the world would break you off, snuff you out and never look back.

There is hope. There is a Creator who is the friend of the wounded heart and the keeper of our dreams. He heals the broken reed and ignites the smoldering flame.

Jesus often addressed the brokenhearted. ‘Come to me if you are desperate because only desperate men and women are willing to suffer for my cause.’ (Matthew 11:28-30) He understood those dark places. He knew what it was to be beaten and bruised. The cross did not just happen to Jesus. It was His purpose. It is why He came to earth. Our trials and suffering just do not randomly happen to us. Instead, God uses them to fulfill His purpose for our life.

Often times we are caught off guard by the surprises of life. Those moments remind us of our human frailty and our inability to control our circumstances and details of our life.

God is never caught off guard. He is never surprised at any disaster that falls upon us. Sudden tragedy does not surprise Him. He is never at a loss on how to solve a problem. God knows all His works from the beginning to the end of the world. For this reason, God is our rock solid assurance in the midst of life shattering disasters.

“Never will I leave you; 
   never will I forsake you.”[

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