The Overall Plan

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future
Jeremiah 29:11

In the midst of my frequent divine appointments, I came to a realization. I did not however come to this on my own but instead through talking it out with a friend. 

I saw my divine appointments of a way in which I was being encouraged and hearing truth.  Some of those meetings were clearly those things but others have been something different.
I have spent months trusting God.  Knowing that He work all things for His glory and in His time, I have been able to release my circumstances to Him. I am learning that His will, His plan is so much different from mine.  He sees the entire picture where I am only able to see the here and now.
Daily I learn of new things being repeated about my situation.  Many which are lies or gossip.  My flesh would say to approach those that speak and correct their thinking.  Boy, how I would love to take that approach but instead, God says, “be still”.  So far, along this road, I have been able to do just that.  I have held my tongue and allowed God to be God and do the defending.  It does not mean that He has stepped down from heaven to stand in my corner to beat back those that would talk.  Instead, He is correcting many wrong things through His mysterious ways.  Each day as time passes, He places someone else in my path, someone I would never have expected to hear truth.  It is incredible.  It is God!

I have let go of my situation and instead took a hold of my daddy’s hand.  I am walking beside Him and allowing Him to lead the way for whatever is ahead.  I trust Him completely! I have no other choice at this point but even if my situation were not so dire, I would still trust Him.  He has revealed Himself in so many ways through this storm.  He has shown me through His word.  I am finding that I am gaining a new understanding on things I have read repeatedly in the past. His word is becoming fresh and new to me. His words are bringing me comfort and peace.  He has revealed Himself through godly people in my life.  I have heard many great teachings that have led me to further evaluation of myself.  Many teachings have confirmed truth that I felt was true but had been led to doubt. 

Divine appointments happen every day.  You know when you have had one because you leave changed and encouraged. Sometimes those appointments are for a much bigger purpose.  Something more than my mind can fathom but all part of God’s huge plan.  I am learning to step out of the box and recognize that He is up to something and these moments that may seem small to me are possibly huge moves in His overall plan.