His feathers

Being a mom is hard.  We spend nine months of our lives carrying our little ones close and totally protected and then one day, BOOM!  They are released into this wild world and attacked by sin.  

We can only protect them so much and then we must leave the rest in God’s hands.  It is not always easy and I struggle daily but God is faithful when others are not and I am learning that every day.  I have to trust God and His sovereign plan.  No matter what, I have to believe that He will protect my children and guard them from those who would harm them emotionally, physically or spiritually. 

Sometimes I do not give my kids enough credit.  They are more aware than what I realize sometimes.  They often come home repeating something someone has said or done and then follow it up with “they really need Jesus.”  They get it and I am grateful.  I just have to trust God more.  That being said..

Mother hens are a lot like mothers everywhere.  Just like moms, mother hens will do anything and everything that they have to in order to protect their children.  I truly believe it is how God created us and it is what He expects of us.  It reminds me of Psalms 91: 4  He shall cover thee with his feathers and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.  I think of this verse every time I am fearful.  It reminds me that He is protective of me and my children in just the same way. It’s a pleasant and helpful thought on days like these.

“Father, give me the patience to love those who do not know you, in the way in which You have called me to love. Protect my children when they are away from me and give me peace as I await their return.  I fear no evil for Your love surrounds me.”

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