So I’m unable to sleep. Thoughts, ideas and plans are running through my head. It is safe to say my mind is on overdrive. Not a good thing when you’re a single mom with five kiddos and a busy day ahead.

There is a reason for these moments. Reason for the unsettled feelings and thoughts. The reason for these moments is so that I have to be still. The reason for the thoughts; fear and uncertainty.

My days are crazy. I have my quiet moments with the Lord during my day but sometimes life is so loud that I know I miss what He’s trying to tell me. Often during the day, life is so hectic that the thoughts of fear and uncertainty do not have time to stop me and instead play catch up, when I should be sleeping. That is what is happening now.

Instead of sleeping, I have spent that time talking to God. During our time together the following devotion came through on my phone. Enough said. Mind settled. Ready to sleep.

God is good!!!

Sept. 2, 2011-Charles Stanley

Seeing Obstacles through God’s Eyes

Joshua 2:1-24

Jericho was the first city that the Israelites needed to conquer in their quest for the land of Canaan. When Joshua sent a pair of spies to check it out, he probably didn’t realize that he would receive a glimpse of God’s impressive behind-the-scenes activity.

God wants us to look at every obstacle through the lens of His unlimited strength and resources. Anything that appears to block His plans is an opportunity for Him to demonstrate His sovereign power. Just because we don’t see anything happening, that doesn’t mean He’s inactive.

Always remember that God is at work on the other side of our obstacles, arrang-ing the details and bringing His plans to fruition. When the spies returned to Joshua, they reported that the people of Jericho were scared to death. Having heard about the Jews’ deliverance from Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea, they were gripped by fear of the Lord.

The stage was set for the conquest, yet by that point, Joshua had done nothing. Sometimes we think we need to be involved in the solution to our problem, but God is not limited with regard to whom or what He can use to accomplish His will. In this case, He worked in the hearts of the enemy by instilling demoralizing fear.

For Christians, great obstacles need not be reasons for discouragement. Although much of the Lord’s activity is silent and invisible, we can be sure He is dynamically working out His will for our lives. When the pieces of His plan are in place, He will move us on to victory.

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