Target of the enemy

Please be careful what you spread about another human. I have known and loved Mrs. Briscoe (as well as her family) for over twenty years.  As someone who has just gone through a battle of being accused of things I did not do and the gossip that follows, it is hurtful, destructive and unChrist-like. There are ALWAYS two sides to a story and then the truth. There are also different perspectives as to how a situation unravels. Unless you stood in that room and witnessed the event/events it is all gossip or perspective.
Scripture tells us that the devil came to steal, kill and destroy making Mrs Briscoe the perfect target for the enemy. She is a godly, precious woman who has done great battle for the Kingdom of God and definitely a target of  Satan.  King Soloman said that speaking badly of others could have disastrous effects. It betrays confidence (Prov. 11:13), separates close friends (16:28; 17:9), shames you with a bad reputation (25:9-10), and perpetually fuels the embers of a quarrel (26:20-22). People rarely can undo the damage their untrue words have done to a friend, family member, co-worker and so on. 
Someone’s life is trying to be destroyed. I’m only speaking from experience and not trying to attack anyone but we have to pray that truth in this situation be revealed. From my own experience I have learned that God’s justice will always prevail.  I do not know the events that transpired, I have only heard gossip and the reports of the media.  I believe that something may have transpired but it is not my place to make a judgement call.  We are to pray for one another and encourage one another.  We are to seek out truth instead of listening to only one side.
When the Israelites were taken as captives to Babylon, Mordecai found himself in this kind of situation. He refused to bow to anyone but God (Esther 3) and this outraged Haman who in turn set out to destroy not only Mordecai but every Jew in the  empire. Haman convinced Xerxes to sign a decree that authorized  the destruction of all Jews. He began building gallows for the execution of Mordecai. But then, God stepped in and there was a great turn of events. Instead of the execution of Mordacai taking place,  Haman was executed on the gallows he had built for Mordecai.  The Jewish people were spared.
This is called poetic justice. Unfortunataly we do not all experience such a dramatic display of justice but scripture promises that God will one day avenge all injustice. It requires patience on our part and waiting for God’s timing for the justice to prevail.  We must leave it in His hands. (Rom. 12:19).  He is faithful to protect His children.  
Gossip is a slippery slope.  We have to be so incredibly careful not to get caught up in the drama but instead close our mouths and pray for each person involved.  Let’s all pray that God will guard our mouths and instead of speaking ill of someone, we will choose to speak of the good that we know and the God that we serve!

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