Every hour of every day is a perfect miracle 
Walt Whitman

Life can be hard.  So much so that we often miss out on the small things that God places in our path reminding us that He is there.  I am quite certain I have missed many of those moments.  In the past, I do not think I recognized the movement of God. I think that I looked at the small moments of positive happenings being nothing more than mere coincidence.  When you look at life through those kind of glasses, you miss a lot. You miss His provision and blessings in your life and your view of who He is becomes small. 

I now see that even the smallest moments of joy are truly a gift from the Lord.  From the simple small check I received in the mail today that brought my account out of the negative and kept me from being charged the overdraft fee to friends showing up unexpectedly at my door and taking me to lunch.  From having an empty fridge one hour to it being full the next because of the kindness of a church or receiving a card in the mail with a simple message that someone is thinking of me are all gifts from God.  They are moments when others follow through in obedience to that which God has placed on their hearts to do for another.  Their obedience brings me joy and provides evidence of God working in my life.  Though I often feel alone, I become more aware daily that God has me exactly where He wants me.  Without experiencing the valleys of loneliness I would never recognize those times in which He places others in my path just for me. 

Each morning when I wake, I am thankful for life yet again. I am thankful for every hour in which He allows me the great joy of experiencing another of His miracles whether big or small.  I am learning to take great joy in it all.

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