Standing confident in His timing

Each day that passes I learn that waiting on God’s time is not always easy.  It is a lesson I am learning through my own waiting.  It is a lesson that I am now thankful for learning.

Patience is hard.  Patience is not something easily practiced.  It does not come naturally for many and a lack of it can cause us to stumble.  Patience is most definitely a fruit of the Spirit and something that we can not achieve in our own strength.

Learning to be patient through difficult times requires total submission to God.  Without His presence and our confidence in His Truth, waiting for an outcome to our needs or wants can be crippling.  We want what we want now and if we do not get it, we tend to grab the reigns and pull that horse in the direction that we want to go.  Instead we must wait for God’s direction or what a mess that we cause!

God has a reason for not always answering our prayers instantaneously.  He is doing a work within our lives and knows that in order for us to become more like His Son, there must be a transformation.  A transformation that requires learning to trust Him no matter what our circumstances.  Learning to trust Him no matter others may be leading us to do.  Learning to pray through a situation with expectation that He knows what is best and knows what needs to be endured in order to come out on the other side changed.

We may never understand why things happen in the ways in which they do.  Whether it be due to the sin in our lives, whether God allows Satan to test or tempt us or because of the bad and sinful choices of others, He has a plan and He offers grace.  

I am so confident in His plan for my life.  I know that He has already walked the path before me.  He has laid it out and provided for my every need.  I have no reason to wake up each day worried or concerned for what will happen next.  Matthew 6:34 says, Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  I wake up daily with the attempt to cling to this scripture as a reminder that God has already provided what I need for that day.  It doesn’t mean that I can lay in bed and wait for money to pop into my bank account but it does  mean that I can go about my day trusting He will provide. He has worked out everything and all I need to do is submit to His will and allow my day to unfold.  

I do not write to you as one who gives an opinion.  I am writing as one who has seen God’s hand move.  I am one who has experienced His divine grace and provision.  God’s promises are true!  We lack nothing when we submit to His will and trust His guidance. It is a work.  It takes focus and we must learn to stop judging others and focus on our own faith struggles, our own sins. We then will have the ability to live a life of submission which is a  lot easier than playing “class monitor”. A submissive and God focused life is filled with great amounts of joy and peace and making us more aware to experience His movement in our life.

Stop turning your nose down at others.  Love the way in which God loves.  Share what you have with others as God commands.  Forgive those no matter what their offence as God has forgiven you. In order to live an abundant and free life, the choice must be made to break free from the religious chains that bind us to laws that we have been freed from because of Christ’s death upon the cross.

Praise God for His grace and faithfulness.  His love is unending!  It is unconditional!  There are no limits to what He has planned for our lives.  The choice is yours to make! Will you choose to surrender, trust and love Him today?

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