A friend is always loyal,
    and a brother is born to help in time of need.

Proverbs 17:17

What word would you use to describe yourself as a friend?  Honest?  Trustworthy? Loyal? There is a huge difference between knowing someone and calling them a true friend. The greatest indication of a true friend is that of loyalty.  Too many people in this world are artificial friends meaning they are only around when the friendship benefits them.  True friendships imitate Jesus. We are to love as He loved. We are to love sacrificially.  It means making ourselves available to those we call friends in their time of struggle. It means sticking around when even when you are getting nothing back in return. It means listening, encouraging helping and giving.  It is the sacrificing of ourselves for the good of others. Pay attention to those whom you call “close friends” and gauge their intentions.  It is important to guard your heart from those who selfishly take but give nothing in return.  Loyalty is a true test of a real friendship that comes as a gift from God. 

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