The Launch

I have not posted anything is what feels like forever.  Life is moving at such a fast pace and so many exciting things are happening.  God is truly moving in my life and I have never been more aware of His presence.  God is moving and He is here!!!

This Sunday is the official launch of the church plant that I became a part of six months ago.  I have been given the amazing privilege alongside my best friend and the love of my life not to mention my children to be a part of something that will grow God’s kingdom.  I finally have a family.  I have a church family and it is something that I have not known in a very long time.  My children have a family.  They are witnessing firsthand what it truly means to be part of a church family. Together we are watching God create something amazing out of a group of ordinary people each with their own story to tell.  My kids have witnessed God move in the life of their mom and have witnessed firsthand God using their mom to share His love with those who do not know Him.  God is blessing me with the unbelievable opportunity of living this out with my children.
Our church family
I spent years as a stay at home mom.  I always knew there was more for me but I was part of a group that told me that if I worked outside of the home, I was neglecting my mission field (my children).  I was depressed and knew something in my life was missing.  I have now discovered that I was missing the opportunity to share God with other people.  I was missing the opportunity to share my faith. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work and I have loved every moment.  I love my job.  I love the people but most of all I LOVE the opportunity I have to share my faith with those I encounter every day.  To me, there is no greater example for my children than to see their mom live out her faith in front of them.  It is incredible.  God has blessed my work and opened many doors for me.  It is such an exciting time in my life. I just cannot explain the joy.  

All this time He has been preparing me for this very moment in my life.  He knew the hard road I would travel and the pain I would endure but He has used every second of it all to prepare me and to grow my faith in Him so that I could be my best for Him.  After years of heartache and abuse, God has taken the ashes of my life and turned them into something beautiful and I cannot get over it.   I know this mountaintop will not last forever and eventually there will be trials again, but how thankful am I that God’s hand is upon my life right now?!?!?!  He has chosen ME and He is using me in a way that brings Him glory!!!  I am so undeserving but so extraordinarily thankful!

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