Confident Assurance

As part of our love story, we became involved in a church plant. Alongside my best friend as well as my children, I was given the amazing privilege of being part of growing God’s kingdom. I had finally found a family.  A true group of believers that wanted to make a difference in the city in which we lived.  Each wanting to extend grace and love to those who needed to hear the good news of Christ, God took a group of ordinary people, each with their own story to tell, and is using this group to show love to others.  It has been an amazing journey. The whole experience has been an unbelievable opportunity that has helped to grow the relationship that Matthew and I now share.  It is incredible to see God work in the lives of those who trust and follow Him. 

Life does not become easy just because we choose to follow God’s way instead of our own.  There are still hurdles to jump but choosing to trust His truth makes crossing the finish line possible. It allows us to finish the race with a confident assurance that the place in which we finished is the place He has for us.  That is where Matthew and I find ourselves today.  Knowing that God’s amazing grace and unending love brought us to this place in our lives where we can share His love with others, together, is a blessing beyond words. 

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