I Do

Our wedding was simple and elegant.  It was put together with love and a hope for our future together.  It was truly a day that I will never forget.

Matthew and I have eight amazing children between the two of us.  Because we have quite the family, a large wedding was never an option nor something that either of us wanted.   Matthew’s three children live in Australia and because they could not be here to be a part of our day, we chose to have an intimate ceremony that only included a small group of people.  Thanks to my parents we were given an evening that was truly beyond words.  Because of their gift, we hope it will allow us to save enough money so that Matthew will have the opportunity to be reunited with his wonderful children next year. 

As part of our special day , we were fortunate to have my pastor from the church I grew up in marry us. I am so incredibly grateful for the sweet message that he shared at our ceremony.  It was a message full of grace and redemption and along with the vows that Matthew and I had written for one another became a beautiful expression of our love and commitment to one another.  Our day was truly a day touched by God’s hand.  It was orchestrated in a way that could have only come from His touch and place in our lives. 

I cannot put into words, after all that life has thrown my way over the past several years, how ecstatic I am.  I still cannot believe this is real.  I still do not understand how God has blessed me the way in which He has but I do know this.  My God’s love is unconditional. His love is full of grace.  He is a God of justice and He does make all things right and new according to His perfect plan.  My God is holy and because of the blood of His precious Son, He sees me as holy.  Because Matthew and I have placed our faith and trust in Him, He has lavished us with His amazing love and grace.  It is beyond the limit of my vocabulary to describe the intense feelings of gratitude and joy I have but I know that together, Matthew and I will work to share the love and hope of Christ with those who need Him.

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