California here we come…

I am a little behind in posting these pictures but Matthew and I took our first trip together back in December.  Last September on my birthday I received a phone call from my sister informing me that she was flying me and Matthew out to LA for a visit.  It was quite the birthday gift and for the next couple of months we eagerly awaited our trip to CA.  Let me just say…we had a blast! It was amazing to get away but even  more fun spending time with my sister and TJ.  We are incredibly thankful for the trip and the time spent together!   
Our last day in LA we had lunch with long time friend Charlie!
He introduced me to food trucks!
We sat on the curb and had lunch together!

Before our delicious lunch, Charlie drove us through the Universal lot.
Pretty cool having friends with such special connections 🙂
On this trip to LA I paid my first visit to Pinks.
In case you cannot tell from this pic, it’s a hot dog place.

This happened to be Jen’s first visit as well.

Matthew and I shared a chili and cole slaw dog.
I thought it was fabulous.

Jen and TJ shared a cheese dog.
It was smothered in liquid cheese.

Waiting in line for our first taste of Pinks.

We paid a visit to Big Boy AKA Shoneys. 


If anyone has followed any of my blogs at one time or another you have read from my previous CA visits that I think Burbank CA has the best Krispy Kreme doughnuts EVER!  Well on this trip I got to share my love of Burbank Krispy Kreme with my love.  He thought they were pretty amazing too! However, TJ does NOT share my love for these doughnuts.  He prefers…wait for it….Dunkin Doughnuts.  UGH
Jen seemed happy with her doughnut selection

Matthew really didn’t care about the doughnuts.
He was just happy to be with me :-p
Yeah right 🙂

I was in heaven!  These are my favorite doughnuts!
All kinds of happiness!!

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