My mountaintop!

I am on the mountaintop.  After many years in the valley, with too many trials to list, I have made it to the top.  Today in church, I sat and really pondered life over the last few years and realized that God has been working and preparing me for what He has in store for me next.  About five years ago, He gave me a vision.  He placed a desire in my heart.  I was ready.  I was eager.  I wanted to forge ahead and do what He wanted me to do.  Little did I know, I was not ready.  He had to prepare me.  I had a lot of growing to do.  My faith needed stretching.

After trudging through the last four years of my life, I had given up and pretty much thrown out the vision.  Holding fast to the legalistic view of those around me that I could not be used now because I’m “divorced”,  I all but gave up.  Today I realized how untrue that statement is and that God has something great in store for me.  The valley I had to go through was part of His plan for me, to prepare me for what lies ahead. I realized that there were a lot of “grace killers” in my life.  Today I decided it is time to let them go and accept grace as it is clearly given because of my relationship with Christ.  Today I am going to embrace my mountaintop. Today I am going to embrace that God has a purpose and plan for me!
God placed Matthew in my life.  He is my mountaintop.  He is my best friend. He is my blessing.  He is my gift.  Our marriage is something I did not see coming.  God gave me an incredible man who loves and honors me in a way that reflects His love and idea for marriage.  It is something that I cannot fully describe.  We have a love like I have never known and each day is better than the last.  Each day I love him more than I did the day before.  Life is amazing.  I know a joy right now that cannot be put into words.  I know it is a gift from God and for this moment, I will spend every moment soaking in every second we have together.  

God has placed me in a season of rest for now.  This is my time “to enjoy the view.” This is my time to enjoy my husband and my children as well as all that He has given to me.  That is what I am going to do.  This mountaintop will not last forever.  There will be another valley and I am sure it will be coming a lot sooner than later because God has great plans for us both.  However, I know I am ready this time.  I have an amazing husband who walks with me.  The valleys do not seem as scary as they did before now that I have someone walking with me.  The vision God gave me is still very clear but now that vision feels closer to coming to fruition.  God has prepared me and has now given me a partner with the same desires to fulfill the plan He has for my life.

Thank you Matthew for your unconditional love and support. Thank You God for giving me a such an amazing gift!  I am beyond blessed!

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