Who are you?

I probably don’t know you or where you live. I don’t know what brought you here or your story.  What I do know is that you didn’t find this post by accident. 
One thing I have learned is that God has a purpose for everything.  He has a plan.  He leads us to things or people we happen to need at that moment.  Whether for encouragement or simple camaraderie, it leaves us knowing we are not alone in our struggles but instead, He is there and has a reason.
Every person deals with stuff.  Good stuff, bad stuff, scary stuff because every moment of life is full of stuff.  The birth of babies, the death of loved ones, marriages, new jobs, homes, and friends and so on and so on because it never ends. 
We have lives full of accomplishments and lives full of regrets. Moments we wish we could live again and ones we wish we could leave behind. From the moment of our first breath until we breath our last, something is always happening.  The question becomes; what does it all mean?
I am a follower of Christ.  I am a walking billboard of the difference Jesus can make in the life of someone who follows Him. But my life still remains full of moments of accomplishments and moments of regrets. 
I used to find myself defined by my regrets.  My life was a wreck.  A scattered crippling mess.  I felt hopeless and alone.
The enemy would drag me around by my regrets and moments of defeat with whispers that I wasn’t good enough and that God had no place for me.  He whispers to us all preventing us from living a purpose filled life until we discover our true identity. 

For years, my identity was wrapped up in the opinions of others. I spent too much time living a life attempting to impress those around me while missing out on an extraordinary life serving the One I was created to glorify! 

I never thought I could piece together all the missing parts, then Jesus picked me up and placed His hand on my mess.  From there He wove together a beautiful masterpiece of His love and grace that has become my life.  I have a new identity.
I know I am not alone in this.  I recognize I am not the only person in creation to walk around trying to please everyone else.  How do I know?  Books have been written about it.  It’s a disease suffered by those who follow Christ leaving them to miss out on the remarkable freedom of His grace!
Once I discovered my identity in Christ everything changed. I now understand that I am a child of the One True King changing my forever.  Every moment of regret, every step taken in pride, all the feelings of defeat have been stripped away as I recognize who I truly am in the eyes of the One True King. 
Nothing you have done, no place you have gone can separate you from the God of this Universe. He wants YOU.  You will never be too far from His love and grace.
He wants to wrap you in His arms and call you His child.  He wants to love you and show you His plan for your life.  A purpose that will bring Him glory and you true contentment. 
When you find yourself questioning yourself, just remember there is a King waiting to call you His child!
I promise you He is real.  I promise you that He wants you and loves you.  Call out to Him.  He is there waiting just for you!!

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