The pain of the past

Today as I was stumbling through the vast articles on the internet, I found one that really hit home and brought tears to my eyes.  It touched some still sensitive wounds as I revisited a time in my life full of great amounts of pain.  As I read and discovered yet again that I am not the only one to have ever been mishandled by a church, a sense of relief washed over me.  Now it does not bring me joy to know that others have suffered and hurt the way that I have but there is relief in knowing you are not crazy and people, especially pastors, do get it wrong sometimes.  

I could have written the article I read myself.  It was as if I was reading my own story. That is hard.  As I read, I became even more aware of the need of better informing our pastors to the issues that are at the front of many difficult marriages.  Changes need to be made in the area of   “marriage counseling.”  We are losing families fast as the wrong advice is being given and Satan continues to get the upper hand.  
I cannot say enough about this topic.  I feel strongly about this topic. I want to help make a difference; I just do not know where to begin.  

So I will start here.  Here is the article that every pastor should read.  Be informed and knowledgeable so that the right direction can be given to a couple in crisis.  Please, please read and pass it along!
Click on the following link to be directed to the article.
I also want to include a link to the website of the writer of the above article.  She has a lot of great resources and helpful information to help women who are dealing with abuse, addiction, divorce and so on.  

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