Being right and loving: Does it pay to be right all the time?

I’m frustrated. Not angry, frustrated.  I’m frustrated with negativity and critical people. The constant disrespect toward others because of differences in beliefs (ie: the celebration of Halloween,  The Noah movie, Harry Potter, evolution, the rapture, secular music being of the devil, worship music is evil, and so on)  truly hurts my heart. I do not understand how we, who profess to follow Jesus, can be so nasty and hateful to others.   I read over and over as people express an opinion on a topic or belief and are ripped apart or mocked by other “believers.”  That type of behavior bewilders me. Just because someone disagrees with your views does not make it right for you to disrespect, humiliate or hurt someone else especially over a difference of opinion.  How in the world is mockery and belittling of another human life a reflection of Jesus?  

As followers of Christ we will not always agree with or share the opinions of others. The realization that each person is accountable to God on their own means we are to individually seek after truth by spending time in Truth. Not rely on someone to find it for us.  Each individual is responsible for allowing the Holy Spirit to work in their life and reveal truth because the Holy Spirit resides in every believer. We each have a story that has impacted what we believe. It is not up to us as individuals to decide what opinion or belief is right or wrong for another person. We are imperfect people and because of our imperfection will not always be right.   In the end,  it is not our responsibility to force our opinion, belief, or conviction on someone else.    There is only one Holy Spirit.  We can plant the seed or voice our opinion but should do so with love. Allow God to work in the lives of others just as He works in our own.

So for those who voice their opinions as gospel truth and ridicule or humiliate someone with a different view, stop.  There is only one God and He alone holds all the answers to our most pressing questions.  It is by faith alone we trust Him and walk with Him. That is why it is called faith.   Faith means trusting when we do not have the answers to every question out there.  Faith is what drives us to seek God more fully allowing Him to reveal Truth in our lives which allows Him to direct our path. Faith is what fuels our love of God and in turn should guide us to love others.

Our responsibility while here is to love Jesus with our whole heart and share Him with others.  We cannot accomplish that if we are too busy pushing people away with our unchristlike behavior.  We are to live by example.  It should be seen in word and in deed.  Who listens to those that mocks others?  Who wants what that person has?  That is the furthest thing from Jesus.  So let’s get it together.  Let’s show respect for one another. Let’s love one another. We all need work.  No one is perfect.   A display of love and grace instead of negativity just might be what is needed to lead someone over to your own way of thinking.  Maybe 🙂

Those with knowledge know when to be quiet,
and those with understanding know how to remain calm.

Proverbs 17:27

Have you seen a person who is wise in his own sight?
Know that there is more hope for a fool than for him.

Proverbs 26:12

You shall love-”Love the Eternal One your God with everything you have:  all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind – and love your neighbor as yourself.

Luke 10:27

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