Love Letters and True Love

I am oftentimes amazed at the games the enemy will play with my mind.  Today I found myself feeling down and questioning so many things in my life.  Things I have not questioned in a long time.  One of the things leaving me to feel uneasy today is my marriage or more so the love of my husband.  

I am certain it might sound silly but those days occur when I just do not understand why my husband chose me.  Why he loves me the way he does.  So often I feel like he deserves so much more than what I can give to him.  Those moments leave me with a sense of  insecurity.  Understand that those feelings I experience are not his doing.  I am married to a man who daily reminds me of the love he has for me. Whether through written word or verbally, he makes sure  I know I am his true love.  However because of my own past hurts and baggage,  days come when I question it.  I feel undeserving and doubt it.  It leaves me a crumpled mess as I fight back tears of frustration as I work through what I recognize to be true. He does love me.

Thankfully my precious husband has spent many hours writing me letters and so this morning, I spent time reading through my fair share of those letters.  It is amazing how the heart can find assurance in such a simple thing.  A few words on a page reflecting the heart and love of the writer can bring tremendous healing, confidence and assurance.  

The cool thing is that this doesn’t just work within my marriage.  Love letters work wonders as well in my relationship with God.  Just as my husband has written me hundreds of love letters, my Creator has done the same.  Each time the enemy tells me I’m not good enough or my past disqualifies me from belonging to my Heavenly Father, His love letter speaks something completely different.  Reading the words of love from my Creator, I find myself flooded with emotion.  When I am doubting His love,  I can turn to His Truth.  I can read of His unfailing love and it is more than my heart and mind can comprehend.  

So many things in this world work to discourage and cause us harm but we possess an amazing book full of reminders of something greater.   Reminders of Someone who created us and gave up His life all because of His indescribable love for us.  It is awe consuming.  

Be thankful for the love of those who make their love for you known in various ways.  Be even more thankful for the precious love letter written to you by your Heavenly Daddy.  If you avoided reading it lately or never read it at all, open it up and be reminded (yet again) of His great love!

For I have every confidence that nothing-not death, life, heavenly messengers, dark spirits, the present, the future, spiritual powers, height, depth, nor any created thing, -can come between us and the love of God revealed in the Anointed, Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8:38-39

The Eternal your God is standing right here among you, and He is the champion who will rescue you.
He will joyfully celebrate over you;
He will rest in His love for you; He will joyfully sing because of you like a new husband.

Zephaniah 3:17

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