Six years later

Align with Him.  Six years ago I sat in front of my computer and stared at the screen.  I needed a name.  An address for a blog.  I had no clue.  What was a blog anyway?  What was the purpose?  

Six years later I realize God knew what He was doing when I typed out those three words. He could not have given me a better web address.  As I write I am in awe of His sovereignty.  He knew where my life was headed and where I would be years later.  He knew the relevance of align with him.

I am often stunned at the way in which God uses our lives.  The way in which He has used mine.Too many times my life has been out of sync with His will for my life.  Out of alignment. Yet here I am.  For some reason, He has chosen to allow me to partner with Him to share my part of His story.  

I have learned to handle my responsibility with great care.  I would be stupid not to be wise.  The God of the universe is allowing me to share His love, His story with others.  He wants to use me.  How could I choose recklessness with that  kind of responsibility?

He has a plan for all of His children.  Patiently He waits for us to say yes.  Waits for us to choose His way and not our own.  We all have a story worth telling.  What’s your story?

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