Obstacles and old signs: Freedom from a failed system

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32

God is setting me free from my
past. He is breaking the chains of
the obstacles that I once found as my security.  Obstacles standing in the way of God being my Father. I am on a new road still surrounded by old signs. God is making it clear those old signs are nothing more than myths to prop up a failed system.

I used to believe that suffering was a sign of God’s disappointment in my life.  I’m learning that suffering often indicates something different. It is a new work being done so that I am free to experience Him more deeply and follow Him faithfully.

Walking by faith and following Him is not easy. It means going against the grain which means my circumstances will not just fall into place and line up to the journey I am taking. There is resistance at every turn.  So God must teach me how to walk with Him.

Only through His teaching and my brokenness along with total surrender am I able to experience His great joy and peace.

God will always provide the right direction. He knows me better than anyone else and knows my needs better than anyone else. He provides better than anyone else. 

He is bringing me into a life aligned with Him. Instead of rescuing me from the things I’m having to endure, He chooses to use every trial and circumstance to show me what true faith, true freedom and life really are when I live a life surrendered.

God is leading me on an incredible journey. It is more amazing  than anything I can imagine. By following Him in obedience, His work in my life will not only astound and amaze but bring glory to His name.

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