The Enemy’s Playground: Social Media, Theology and Mindless People

battlefieldYesterday I shut down my Facebook.  It’s only temporary but a break is needed!

For weeks I watched as Christians attacked Christians as well as past Christians who no longer claim Jesus attacked those who still follow Him. Total chaos. Totally frustrating. Completely ridiculous.

The problem of the day: social media is becoming the Devil’s playground. Don’t get me wrong, social media is great when used responsibly.  I am the aunt of two nieces and a nephew I never get to see except through Facebook and Instagram.  If it were not for social media I wouldn’t recognize them. But for now, I won’t be seeing them on Facebook.  I need a break from the ridiculousness of people and the craziness of Christians.  (I can say that because I am one.)

Here’s the thing.  This started with people attacking “the church.”  A blame game of sorts began as “the church” became the source of our world problems.  For the division being caused among people groups to the personal hurt people experienced by other people. The church appeared to be the cause of it all. It spiraled out of control. The blame being placed on the wrong source. For the record, “the church” is not causing the problems. Problems are caused by people. Dirty, scarred, wounded, and sinful people who have long forgotten that theology and opinions on scripture are not what “saves” us.

So after the blame game came the name calling. Christians calling other Christians heretics and false teachers because of differences of opinions.  It did not seem to matter both people believed Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins. Instead the importance fell on a disagreement in which one interprets the scripture.  I’m baffled.  How does this happen?  The enemy at work and causing division. Oh how we’ve become his pawns.

We have disregarded the truth that the sparkling white garment of righteousness we wear was not one we bought or created by the theology we believe. Instead the precious blood of Jesus, the One who gave up His life for those He loved, purchased the garment we wear.  He alone lavishes us with grace and forgives. Sadly the work on the cross may have been overlooked by many who claim to follow Jesus.  I digress.

Through out the events of the last few weeks, it turns out people “know” the mind of God.  They know His thoughts and plans.  Somehow they’ve seen time from beginning to end and know the hearts of others. How does this happen? How does someone reach the place of believing they cannot only see into the heart and mind of someone else but perceive the mind of God as well?  The reasoning is beyond me. My understanding: only God is omnipotent and omniscient.

What makes this entire situation worse?  The world is watching.  Those without Jesus scrutinize the battles among believers taking place on Facebook or any other form of social media.  WHAT the heck people?  How mindless can we be?  What part of our arguing with one another leads anyone to Jesus?  Do you understand our personal theology is not what changes hearts?  Our words do NOT create the change.  Jesus changes hearts.  When did we become so arrogant to assume that something we speak at someone is what changes their life?  It is NOT anything we do. We may plant the seed but the powerful work of the Holy Spirit brings the change. People we have to get it together!

When asked, Jesus said the two greatest commandments were to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.  (Matthew 22:37-39)  Let’s give those two things a try.  Maybe if we tried loving instead of condemning all those we disagree with,  more people would want to hear about the Jesus we claim to follow.  We might even begin to see change.  How about it Jesus followers?  Up for the challenge?  Stop fighting one another and let’s start loving like Jesus commanded!


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