Fifty Shades Challenge

shadesWe are a week away from the release of the Shades of Grey movie. I know there are many excited and eagerly awaiting the premiere of this popular book as seen by the excitement on my daily FB feed. However I would like to challenge my friends to do something.

I have not read the book and I am choosing not to see the movie. I have heard and seen enough from the  trailer to know it is not something I do not need to watch or read. For me, Mommy porn is still porn and abuse is abuse whether it’s made to look exciting in a movie or a book. 

Right now there are many mamas and their babies struggling to survive after leaving an abusive marriage. Many who have had to deal with a husband abusing them sexually not to mention physically, emotionally and verbally and they need your help. We at Give Her Wings need your help so that we can help these mamas. So here is a suggestion which my fellow team member Tammy posted yesterday. Would you consider, instead of supporting pornography, donating the money you would have spent on your movie ticket to Give Her Wings to help a mama who has suffered abuse at the hands of another human being for years?

Right now we have a mama for the month of March who needs our help and is still under attack from her abuser. Today I am challenging you to give your $10 movie ticket money to Give Her Wings  as a way to provide for this mama instead of the ongoing issue of pornography in this country? Please pray and if you’re willing to give I ask you to visit our website and make a donation.

Thank you for your consideration

❤ Nicole

And while you’re at it…visit the website and take advantage of their great deal to trade in your Fifty Shades Of Grey book for the book Pulling Back the Shades.


Originally posted on For Always 

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