Where Evil Lurks, Good Abounds

boatShe grew up in an average size town and not long after graduation, married her high school sweetheart.  She envisioned a happily ever after but instead, lived out a nightmare.

Life is funny that way and more often than not, people experience an unexpected ending to their story.  Plans rarely seem to work out, frequently leaving dreams shattered.

What hope exists if the ending to the story typically turns out gloomy?  If the chances of a happy ending rarely occurs, what then can be done to change the inevitable outcome?

In a world that appears dark at times, hope exists.  And where evil seems to lurk around every corner, good truly abounds. 

Facing heartache and struggles often leads to life changing revelations.  Moments when true light bursts through the shadows of darkness, lives are changed forever.  However, for one to find that light leading to change, eyes need opening while hearts left desperate for truth.  Life changing truth.

Many argue the previous statement.  However, to those who don’t believe in the Truth that is Jesus Christ, I repeat something my pastor often says, “I have never known a person who has totally surrendered to Jesus Christ that now regrets that decision.”

So much truth resides in that statement.  And rest assured, there is a difference between believing in Jesus and living a totally surrendered and sold out life to Him.  Following Him on this journey through life, living a life of loving people the way He did, leads to a contentment that can only be understood by knowing Him. And knowing Him can only come from following Him. Recognizing not only who He is but who He came to die for and save changes perspectives.  Realizing that He is not looking for “church people” but instead those who know they need Him.  Those desperate for something much greater than themselves.

The words of Jesus were “Follow me.”   He looked for those who were willing to walk beside Him and love and care for those along the way who needed encouragement and hope.  The people He walked and talked with were often the despised and rejected of their day.  He did not care to hang with those who could recite the Old Testament by heart.  In fact, He called them whitewashed tombs.  He sought out those who knew they were not good enough and who needed His grace.  Jesus knew whose hearts were open to His message. He knew those who longed to be accepted and loved instead of rejected and despised.  He wants the sinful and dirty for those are the ones who have hearts that He can change which allow room for a mighty work in His kingdom.

Where do you stand today?  Are you dirty and full of sin?  Do you feel you’re not worthy of Him or the choices in your life too countless to forgive?  You’re not!  Jesus used some of the worst of sinners to walk with Him and to share His message and He can and will use you too!

Don’t let the white washed tombs of today discourage you from following the One who loves you and died for you.  Don’t allow the judgmental to prevent you from seeking out the One who longs to bless your life with unspeakable joy.  Jesus is misrepresented all over this world, so seek Him out personally. Find a Bible and read about the people whose lives (Paul, The adulterous woman) He transformed because He can do the same for you!!

The Son of Man has come to save all those who are lost.

Matthew 18:11

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