The Church, A Mission and A Meaningful Call

I believe that the church should be at the front lines protecting women and their children and ministering by helping them find safety and shelter. I believe that the church has failed in a mighty way when it comes to this epidemic and now is the time to make a change.

Pastors need to be educated. Staff needs to learn to recognize the characteristics of an abusive spouse. Especially a narcissistic or psychologically abusive spouse.

Initiative needs to be taken to make women aware that churches are a safe haven for their families.

Enveloped by grace

courage3For all those who have dealt with abuse and are dealing with the heartache of shared custody, this is for you.  Because here’s the thing…the system is broken and children are suffering.  Truly.  The road of dealing with custody issues is painful for all but specifically, the children.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve spent time researching our court system and the way it handles domestic violence and child custody.  Additionally, time was spent studying psychology and the negative effects of “joint custody” on children.  The frustration that comes from the realization that we rely on a system that is lacking the proper resources to actually protect kids while looking out for their best interest leaves a strong desire for change.

Furthermore, the recent research findings on the idea of joint custody addressed the negative effects on children which affirms what many a parent already believed.  The research…

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