Lose my worries in Your love

Last night with face to the floor and tears streaming down my face I spent half an hour crying out to God. Searching for Him in the darkness and asking for Him to reveal Himself in ways I’ve never experienced. I had reached a place of total brokenness with the realization that there is nothing I need but Him. His perfect love. His perfect peace. His comfort. His arms. 
As I sat on the bathroom floor I prayed for His presence. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill me completely. That there would be nothing left of me. That He would strip every piece of me away and replace it with His love, His grace and His peace. This morning as I was sitting at my desk at work I texted my daughter. Moments later she responded to my text  and then followed it up with this text with another song I needed to hear. 
Here in the presence
Elevation Worship

 Here I Lay My burdens down 
Lose my worries in Your love 
Casting every care on You 
I have carried them enough
We are not alone 
Here within His love 
He is still with us

When the world becomes too much 
Near The Cross I will remain 
Until every fear is stilled 
At The Mention Of Your Name

Tired of running, running 
Be still and know He’s in control 
Here in the presence of the Lord
 Pour out your heart before Him 
Open your arms He’ll hold you now 
Here in the presence of the Lord
What an amazing morning! God could not have shown up in any bigger way than through my daughter. He totally made Himself known to me and for the first time in a long time, I feel like He heard my cry.

Sometimes we pray and ask God for something specific and we don’t always get an answer. Or sometimes we can’t hear His voice through the chaos. And then other times, like this morning, He makes His presence known and let’s you know He hears your cry. 

There is nothing greater than knowing you are in the center of God’s will for your life. There is peace in the darkest valleys when you know He is with you. I’ve been missing that. Had somehow wandered away but each day I am learning all over again how to walk in those valleys and to trust His hand and voice to guide me.  
Whatever His plan, whatever darkness may come, we can always have hope. We can know that He will never leave us and will always be there to guide us through the valley.

 When you go through deep waters, 
I will be with you. 
When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. 
When you walk through the fire of oppression, 
you will not be burned up; 
the Ffames will not consume you.

Isaiah 43:2

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