Burnt Bridges

Advocacy will always be part of who I am. Even if it means burning bridges. And I’ve burnt bridges.

We were never meant to be everyone’s best friend. We were definitely not meant to be in agreement with everyone.

You have to know your truth and stand up for that truth. Even when it is painful.

Today’s world has become a place where you are only allowed to believe one way and if you do not jump on that bandwagon, YOU are the issue. Well that is not true and it has taken me such a long time to understand that I do have the right to stand up for myself.

Don’t let the bullies of this world prevent you from voicing those things that are important to you. We all have a voice and something to share. So speak up! And know that no matter what, even if our beliefs differ, I’ll be there loving you, treating you like the human being that you are and supporting you!

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