All Things Maverick

I think I’ve seen Top Gun: Maverick at least 12 times now. Once in IMAX, Twice in 4DX and the rest on a normal screen. I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll probably see it a few more times before it leaves the theater. It has gotten to the point that now as I watch the movie, I’ve quoting every line without even realizing it. The movie makes me laugh, makes me anxious (even though I know what’s going to happen) and just leaves me feeling good. Each time I’ve seen it, the theater has pretty much been sold out except for the 10:30 AM showing in 4DX I saw with my youngest. Even then there were at least 10 other crazy people seeing it that early in the day. And each time I’ve gone, I am surprised at how full the theater is and how that many people are still going to see it.

Now I think we can agree that it is a really great movie! As sequels go, I would argue that it is probably one of the best to ever be made. The box office numbers would probably back me on that one. This movie has broken records and after the holiday weekend, its domestic total reached $571 million and $1.115 billion worldwide. To say this movie is a success seems to be an understatement.

So it has left me thinking, why is this movie so popular? As I think through it, there are many positive things to note. One cannot not appreciate the nostalgia that is found through the entirety of the movie. It is all so very heartwarming. But there is also the redemptive quality that most people love in a good story. We see how much Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell has matured over the years and the way the struggles of life have humbled him. There are many lessons learned through the movie but my favorite would be “Don’t think. Just do.” And then there are all the characters, which in my book, are all pretty much likable from the word go. Which I love!

But you know what we don’t see? We don’t see an agenda being pushed. No politics played out. And in this day and age after too many years of toxic politics, a pandemic and the current economic struggles, we find America in a funk and it needed something good. Something to celebrate. Something to cheer. Something to bring us together. And that is what Top Gun has given us! And you know what that makes for? Excellent entertainment!

So Hollywood pay attention. The people have spoken and we want more! We don’t need trash, sex, violence and a lot of foul language to bring us into the theaters! We just need a good story presented well and we’ll show up!

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