A Monster Defeated

I wrote this seven years ago for those trying to escape the darkness of domestic violence. Today as I read those same words, I was overcome by thankfullness for how far I’ve come.

Several weeks ago, I received a message from an individual who attacked my character and spoke of things they knew nothing of. Someone who has never sat with me to hear my story or shared in my struggles. Someone who has never prayed with me, cried with me or even taken the time to get to know me. Someone who has made assumptions and judgements based on gossip and untruths. Had this message been sent to me years ago, I would have been crushed and devastated and lost my footing. But thankfully because of God’s goodness, I know who I am and to whom I belong, and the words of the enemy can no longer take that away from me.

Be encouraged! You are a daughter of the King. He holds you in His mighty hand and covers you with the feathers of His faithfulness and love.