Troubled Heart

We all know I love my husband.  Not a secret.  Today I love him even more.  A few postings ago I wrote about the wedding gift that he gave to me the night we were married.  It was a calendar with each date marked with a different passage of randomly chosen scripture.  Scripture picked and placed on days without any rhyme or reason.

Today’s verse is from John 14 and says; Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. God in His sovereignty knew how my day would go today and He blessed me with an amazing husband who walks with Him in obedience and wrote down that verse for this day for me months ago.  As my husband reminded me of the verse for today, it was as if God spoke into my heart reassuring me that He is here.  I am overwhelmed. So amazing!  So awesome to see God’s hand at work.  To feel His presence.  To know that you are loved and protected.  It is incredible.

God loves His children.  He speaks to us through His Word. He provides our every need.  Every one of them.  It is amazing.  Once again, what the enemy meant for harm, God has used for good AGAIN!  Life is good!  God is good!  He is faithful beyond words!

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