Bless or Curse???

“But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

Luke 6:27-28

An enemy is defined as a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another; an adversary or opponent. Our enemies are out to harm and hurt us but Jesus says that we are to bless and pray for those who mistreat us. Why should we be kind to those who cause us harm? We show kindness to others because we are to be a reflection of Christ and we are to be God to the world. God is kind-even to those who are not and He loves those that we think are hopeless. We should not base our kindness on what we think our enemies actually deserve but instead because we are to love and forgive them as Christ loved and forgave us.

Kindness is the sign of a heart that loves and one of the greatest virtues. God is our perfect model of kindness and the kindest act ever committed was when He sent His own Son, Jesus, to die for our sins so that we might spend eternity with Him in heaven.

One thought on “Bless or Curse???

  1. What an excellent reminder. Those who hurt us are definitely the hardest to love and be kind to and it can only be done with a heart that follows Christ. Great posting!! God bless!!Shelly


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